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Winter Candy by Parx - Quirky designs inspired by Digital & Rustic styles

Experiment your wardrobe with the shades of violet and purple and experience the sportiness and richness in the new AW14 Collection

Innovations include 6 new concepts: Reversible, Detachable, Versatile, Layered & Convertible

Mumbai: Live Easy with Winter Candy by Parx

The premium casual lifestyle brand for Gen-Next, from the House of Raymond! The Parx Autumn Winter 2014 Collection showcases quirky designs inspired by digital & rustic styles coupled with the refreshing innovations such as reversible, detachable, versatile, layered and convertible outfits. Sportswear combined with traditional look give new form to the season. Violet is the color of the season signifying sportiness and richness.

Parx AW14 Collection is inspired from the natural elements thus giving the pure traditional look to the collection. Concepts like reversible collection with products ranging from jackets, knits, shorts, shirts and denims and can be worn both ways will be available with more options than ever. The collection has the feel of sporty look which signifies the sportiness and the richness with the usage of fabrics and textures. The detachable collection comprises of the refreshing colorful sweatshirts to keep you warm this winter. The versatile collection will re-do the look for your wardrobe comprising of the required things that completes the look. Layered and convertibles promise to give you the international feel and promise to add value to the wardrobe giving the style of a signature look.

Commenting on the launch of AW14 Collection, Sharad Walia, Brand Director, Parx said,This AW14, Parx pledges to give its valued customers the international feel by adding various innovations that will surely give an edge to the wardrobe solutions. With key focus on the accessories this season, we aim to give our customers the signature look this season. With the addition of natural elements and refreshing colors, the collection will definitely add on to the fashion quotient.

The style mantra for this winter can be experimenting with different shirts that will be available in full sleeves and half sleeves with playful stripes, bright melange, indigo dot folkloric and colored melange. The winter basket will ensemble the melange, flannel, herringbones, fishbone with innovative styles in hooded shirts and contrast pocket shirts.

The innovation is highlighted in the trousers this season and will be available in different formats like single pleats with joggers, quilted trousers adding the new dobby effect, colored melange and colored trousers. The trousers comprise of the cropped fit look that will enhance the look with a contemporary feel to it. Loungewear product mix comprises T-shirts round neck, vests, track pants and boxer shorts that help you go to sleep in style!

Parx is a premium casual lifestyle brand, which is positioned to cater to the needs of consumers who are looking for dressing up for life across occasions and events. Parx reflects the persona of the energetic 22-30 year old who is aggressive, outgoing, dynamic and lives his life to the fullest. Parx reflects the pulse of the new generation which looks at clothing as a reflection of their attitude and vibrancy. Right from its inception in 1999, Parx has been the preferred choice of brand in the casual wear segment with continuous innovations and international trends and styling. It is positioned to meet the consumer needs for "beyond work" requirements and this has been addressed through categories like Sport and Club. The brand goes to great lengths to ensure quality. The manufacturing process uses the best of machinery, techniques, tracking systems and processes. These are automated to a large extent.

August, 2012: Life via road less travelled Live Easy!

Parx, the premium casual lifestyle brand for Gen-Next, from the House of Raymond, launches its Autumn Winter 2012 Collection, inspired by nature's palette of colors. The Parx story for Autumn Winter 2012 is influenced from 'Hyper Culture', which is the confluence and convergence of diverse planetary cultures in the world, not with the intent on mutating, but simply coexisting. 'Hyper Culture', refers to staggering rate of change in modern technological societies.

The Parx Autumn Winter 2012 Collection hence is a unique blend of contrasts - the eternal with the dynamic. Whether it be modern architectural wonders or medieval gothic structures, the grain that sprout from earth or the deep oceans that swell and ebb, nature is vast, eternal, and a 'mix' of time and objects. Capturing a spectrum of eloquent colours spanning over simple and naive, to parallel and balanced, raw earthen to fresh, the collection is a visual delight for every shopper.

The Parx Autumn Winter 2012 theme / collection revolves around three interesting concepts: Flag Fiesta, Divine Retreat and Regiment.

'Flag Fiesta' The theme reflected through a fiesta of colors is inspired from cultural remix across the globe, presenting the world on a single undivided stage. Dedicated to London Olympics, where over 200 countries are coming together to create a cultural mix, this range reflects global unity.

'Divine Retreat'- Inspired by the divine compassion and peaceful spirit, the theme reflects a celestial environment. Colors are inspired from the rustic, sensorial and organic tones of rust, red and orange shades. Knit graphics are inspired from the divine and celestial, that inspires the spirit of living ethereal.

'Regiment' The collection pays homage to the power and pride of the regimental forces, their life inspiring stories, heroics, sacrifices and victories. The theme derives its color from the tones of Army green, browns, olives & blacks with the first tones in aeronautical blues and white shades. Graphics are inspired from the inspiring regimental stories & the evolution of lighter than-air craft, airships and aerodynamics.

Some of the other important highlights of the Parx Autumn Winter 2012 collection are the reversible shirts with double cloth patchwork and a wide choice of denims in snow wash, tinted, pigment spray with other contemporary effects.

The Club wear section of Parx AW 12 is an extension of the 'Hyperculture' and 'mix' theme, including jackets, suits, shirts, trousers, T-shirts and denims. The highlights of knits are reflected through unique collar details i.e. Contrast Stitches, Double Collar and Detachable Collar.

The Parx AW12 collection is available at all Exclusive Parx Stores, The Raymond Shop, Central and other leading multi-brand stores across the country.

Parx unveils its Autumn Winter Collection 2011

This season Parx, one of India's premium lifestyle brands launches its Autumn Winter Collection 2011 which finely balances fashion and technology adding a few dimension to the ever evolving style of male fashion connoisseurs.

Parx has always designed, keeping in mind the youth who is dynamic and lives life balancing as per the new generation which looks at clothing as reflection of their attitude and vibrancy.

Capturing smart tailoring, the collection reflects a look encapsulating an essence of great style and functionality. Available in a wide array of colours like Tango red, Dazzling Blue, Enamel Blue and Persian Red which amazingly blends into micro stylized checks, the collection puts a modern day spin on Edwardian styles with recurring themes embracing of history, lineage and redefines luxury.

The collection echoes a celestial journey, where balance is the key, blending style & technology seamlessly.

The Collection showcases an uninhibited splash of alive and happy colours exploring style, colours and symmetries reliving fusion with a balance.

The highlight of this season is a varied collection of shirts, Parx Autumn winter 2011 Collection introduced in five different variations: Cotton Melange, Corduroy, Peach Finish, University Look and a Denim Mix, paying special attention to cut, fit materials and the quirky little twists in the detailing make the collection different. Inspired by a host of current trends, couture and designs the latest collection by Parx brings to you new variations that will give you that perfect look for this season.

Cotton Melange reflects a two tone shade giving concocted 'Melange Look' giving twice the comfort through the long & dark winter months.

Corduroy shirts with a solid palette and deep ones are new entrants cotton Amsler & cotton Lycra-These shirts made from finely combed cotton, A special '' Peach Finish '' is imparted to the fabric possessing a soft and rich feel to the shirt A wide range of micro checks with chain stitch details & university graphics embroidered gives it a trendy University Look A sporty Mix Denim collection with will tape defining gives it yet another trendy quotient.

So, get the style new AW'11 collection from Parx and Live easy!